City of North Bay announces Dudley Hewitt Cup at storied Memorial Gardens

“It is really a thrill that the North Bay Jr. Trappers will be hosting one of the most prestigious
tournaments in all of junior hockey at this level this spring in Memorial Gardens,” said Trappers
President Chris Dawson. “We thank the City for their efforts along with our hockey colleagues in the
NOHA and the NOJHL. It will be a memorable week for hockey fans in North Bay and throughout the
Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL).”
2012-13 Dudley Hewitt Cup Executive Director Bruce Cazabon stated “We are pleased that the City of
North Bay has made sure that we were going to host this season’s Central Canadian Championship in
Memorial Gardens this spring, April 30th to May 4th. The Dudley Hewitt Committee is eager to
continue the organizing of this prestigious event where the hockey fans and businesses throughout
the City and surrounding communities can support and enjoy a fabulous week of championship junior
‘A’ hockey”
“We have all worked hard, including the City in order to build on our relationship in moving Trappers
junior hockey program forward this season, we like to think the Trappers future is both secure and
exciting going into this spring’s Provincial Championship in Memorial Gardens with a bright and long
term future in North Bay playing next season out of the West Ferris Arena” stated Club Chairman Tim
Clayden “it hasn’t been easy, but I believe we have all had the same goals in working towards keeping
Trappers junior ‘A’ hockey viable and here in North Bay for many seasons to come”