The Beavers at the Blind River Public School



On Friday, Sept 21 the boys attended Hot Dog Day at Blind River Public School and helped make and deliver the hot dogs to the different classrooms. We couldn’t tell who liked it more – the kids in the classrooms, or the kids in the jerseys!

The fun all started around noon, when the boys arrived at the school in all their hockey finery. 

Linda Lamorie, Director and Billet Captain accompanied the boys and supervised hand washing.  While the hot dogs were cooking, the team was given a tour of the school by a few grade 8 students so they could familiarize themselves with the layout.  Anyone who’s ever been in this school will appreciate the challenge navigating the hallways can be.

With feeding time approaching, we quickly filled the buns, placed them in the appropriate bins with the necessary condiments (who can eat hot dogs without ketchup, mustard and relish!), then it was off to the races.  The boys quickly fed the older grades (from grades 4 to 8) then returned to fill and serve the younger kids.  J.K. to Grade 3 students were thrilled to find themselves in the presence of greatness!  They quickly washed their hands and waited their turn to have their names called up.  Once all the classes were fed, the team made their way back to the arena, knowing that they had made some little fans very happy.