Trappers lose to Titans Swim Team in YMCA swim meet

Junior Trappers lose a close one ……………


The Trappers were dominated this week in their Annual YMCA swimming Race against some much younger and faster competition. Trappers scoring leader Brandon Janke found the competition this year even better than last. “The Titans Swim Team are even better this year, they seem to be faster and well trained, they are a really tough Titan swimming team to beat, they have trained hard and deserved the victory” said the 2nd year veteran.


Trappers big man on the blue-line Cole Klippenstein has a whole new respect for swimmers. 


The 6’3″ Trappers defenceman was one of 18 Trappers that competed in the 3rd annual Trappers vs Titans Swim Meet held at the YMCA pool on Monday afternoon.  


Klippenstein may have the height and reach of swimming legend Michael Phelps, but, like many of his Trappers’ teammates, he was humbled at this years event by some much younger and faster Titan swimmers.  


“The swim meet was a great time and an eye opener as well,” admitted Klippenstein. “Our team is in great shape on the ice but swimming seems to work a different set of muscles 

and we learned that today the hard way. I have a new respect for swimmers and the shape they are in as I never understood how tough the sport was before the meet experience. Losing and all, it was a lot of fun and I think parents and kids alike enjoyed being out there today. The North Bay YMCA is a great facility for not only our team, but the many area kids and families that make use of this terrific facility every day”


The Trappers and Titans competed in a number of events and were timed just like a competitive meet – taking part in individual and relay swimming events.  


Katie Tripp enjoyed the experience. The 13-year-old swimmer got a kick out of some of the Trappers “unique” swimming techniques. “My favourite part of the ‘mini meet’ this year was during warm up, when Olivia  and I were trying to teach some of the boys to swim butterfly and the ’froggy stroke’,” said Tripp. “The whole thing was really fun and we are all excited to do it again next year.”


Trappers forward Brandon Janke brought his game face to the pool, and even had fun ribbing some of the young Titans during the event. “I had an amazing time doing this for the second year in a row,” said Janke. “This event gives you a whole new respect for the sport of swimming, the meet is always full of laughs and good fun and the kids are alot of fun too. Can’t say we got to many first place finishes but I know every guy on our team had a blast, we are going to train hard all summer and be ready for the Titans next year”. 


The Trappers are back on the ice this Friday as they host the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners

 Game time is 7pm at Memorial Gardens.