Trappers tandem earn NOJHL team goaltenders award



Release Date: Friday, April 5, 2013

Trappers tandem earn NOJHL team goaltenders award

SUDBURY — The Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League announced today that the North Bay Trappers netminding tandem of Greg Dodds and Dustin Hummel have won the NOJHL team goaltenders award for the 2012-13 season.

This award is presented annually to the goalkeepers on the club that allowed the few goals against during the campaign.

Dodds and Hummel helped the Trappers to only allow a league-low 120 goals against this season while backstopping the club to the league regular season title.

This marks the lowest total of tallies given up in the NOJHL since back in the 2003-04 campaign when the then North Bay Skyhawks allowed only 110 against in 48 games.

The duo saw Dodds post a league-best goals-against average of 2.25 while Hummel had a GAA of 2.81 as they combined to register five shutouts.

The following page lists the all-time NOJHL team goaltender award winners:

Greg Dodds – Dustin Hummel                     2012-13 North Bay Trappers
John Kleinhans – Remo Febbraro               2011-12 Soo Thunderbirds
Michael Doan – Remo Febbraro                  2010-11 Soo Thunderbirds
Eddie Davey – Chandler Long                     2009-10 Abitibi Eskimos
Jeff Michaels – Riley Ross                           2008-09 North Bay Skyhawks
Ryan Dube – Travis O’Brien                        2007-08 Soo Thunderbirds
Brennen Poderzay – Elliot Hogue               2006-07 Soo Indians
Paul Pidutti – Darren Rowlandson              2005-06 Sudbury Northern Wolves
Mike Lalande – Chris Abbey                       2004-05 North Bay Skyhawks
Martin Perreault – Chris Hardill                   2003-04 North Bay Skyhawks
Martin Perreault – Luke Oshell                   2002-03 North Bay Skyhawks
Eric Navarro – Justin Dumont                     2001-02 Rayside Balfour Sabrecats
Frank Novello – Joey Biasucci                    2000-01 Soo Thunderbirds
Justin Dumont/Sebastien Laplante             1999-2000 Rayside Balfour Sabrecats
Jason Gaggi – Charlie Beauparlant             1998-99 Rayside Balfour Sabrecats
Jarrett Rose- Brian Harrison                       1997-98 Rayside Balfour Sabrecats
Steve Fabilli – Jarrett Rose                         1996-97 Rayside Balfour Sabrecats
John Bell – Mike Watson-Marc Potvin         1995-96 Sturgeon Falls Lynx
Mitch Perreault – Mike Watson                    1994-95 Sturgeon Falls Lynx
Jason Prior – Mitch Perreault                      1993-94 Powassan Hawks
Jason Prior-Jason Larouche-Dan Cloutier 1992-93 Timmins Golden Bears
Peter Papadogiannis – Rod Chalmers        1991-92 Powassan Hawks
Blair Molto – Dave Barrett                           1990-91 Sudbury Cubs
Cory Lavigne – Matt Alpajaro                      1989-90 Sudbury Cubs
Alain Servant – Dave Barrett                      1988-89 Rayside Balfour Canadians
Andy Rivet – Dino Circillo                           1987-88 Sudbury Cubs
Alain Audet–Brian Higginbottom                1986-87 Sudbury Cubs
James Porteous – Not Available                1985-86 Onaping Falls Huskies
Peter Pancell – Rob Dutrisac                     1984-85 Sudbury Cubs
Dan Jameus – Todd Gerling                       1983-84 Rayside Balfour Canadians
Alex Mitchell – Dan Jameus                       1982-83 Onaping Falls Huskies
Bert Kemp – David Matte                            1981-82 Onaping Falls Huskies
Ron Katernuk – Greg Telenko                    1980-81 Capreol Hawks
Rob Kolnychuk – David Matte                    1979-80 Onaping Falls Huskies
Not Available                                               1978-79 N/A
No League                                                   1977-78 N/L
No League                                                   1976-77 N/L
No League                                                   1975-76 N/L
No League                                                   1974-75 N/L
No League                                                   1973-74 N/L
No League                                                    1972-73 N/L
Pat Tims – Scott McDonald                          1971-72 Sudbury Wolves
Claude Taillefer – Jim Steele                        1970-71 Sudbury Wolves
Claude Taillefer – Dan Burkhart                   1969-70 Sudbury Wolves
Dave Murphy – Don Muio                             1968-69 Soo Greyhounds
Don Muio – Bill White                                   1967-68 Soo Greyhounds
Don Muio – Bill White                                    1966-67 Soo Greyhounds
Andre Lalande – Not Available                      1965-66 North Bay Trappers
Bill White – Bill Vanderburg                           1964-65 Soo Greyhounds
Gay Cooley – Ron Burman                            1963-64 North Bay Trappers
Tony Esposito – Not Available                       1962-63 Soo Greyhounds

List courtesy NOJHL Historian David Harrison