Transactions – 2014-2015


August 12,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Matt Wilson from Rockland Nationals Jr. C.
August 15,2014-Abitibi Eskimos transfer Andrew Green to Drumheller Dragons(AJHL)
August 15,2014-Abitibi Eskimos transfer Shane Hiley to Stittsville Rams Jr B (EOJHL)
September 23,2014-Abitibi Eskimos transfer Alex Chandler to Blind River Beavers.
October 01,2014-Abitibi Eskimos transfer Matt Wilson to Rockland Nationals Jr. C.
October 03,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Scott Peng from Georgina Ice Jr.C
October 30,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Shawn Nobes from Cole Harbour Colts Jr B. (NSJHL)
November 2,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Jake Holland from Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL)
November 2,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Ryan Reeves from Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL)
November 2,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Tristan Salesse from Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL)
November 2,2014-Abitibi Eskimos transfer Nick Minerva to Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL)
November 18,2014-Abitibi Eskimos transfer Jamey Lauzon to Kirkland Lake Gold Miners.
November 18,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Cosimo Amore from Kirkland Lake Gold Miners.
November 18,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Nick Hautanen from the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners.
November 27,2014-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Riley Corbin from Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
January 10,2015-Abitibi Eskimos acquire Joe Olson from Ridge Meadows Flames Jr B.(PJHL)



June 04, 2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Jessie Morin to the Sudbury Nickel Barons
August 06,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Alex Lewicki to St. Stephen County Aces (MHL)
August 08,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Brandon Major to Powassan Voodoos
August 21,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Zach Nadeau to Mattawa Blackhawks.
September 02,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Trevor Simonick to Niagara Fall Canucks Jr B (GOJHL)
September 03,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Nick Trecroce to Kitchener Dutchman Jr.B (GOJHL)
September 12,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Austin Lamont from Perth Blue Wings Jr B. (EOJHL)
September 18,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Dallas Miller from OCN Storm Jr. B (KJHL)
September 23,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Alex Chandler from Abitibi Eskimos.
September 25,2014- Blind River Beavers transfer Cole Gilligan to Mattawa Blackhawks.
September 25,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Alex Hulford from Mattawa Blackhawks.
September 25,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Nick Mardirossian from Elliot Lake Wildcats
September 25,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Alex Cyrene from Elliot Lake Wildcats.
September 26,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Kyle Huhn from Mattawa Blackhawks
October 03,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Jake Schultz from the Whitby Fury (OJHL)
October 03.2014-Blind River Beavers acquires Jared Binguis from English River Miners(SIJHL)
October 03,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Jeremy Joyce to English River Miners (SIJHL)
October 07,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Matt Neault to Sudbury Nickel Barons.
October 09,2013-Blind River Beavers acquire Chris Hrabec from English River Miners (SIJHL)
October 25,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Daniel Potter from Hawkesbury Hawks (CCHL)
November 6,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Luke Galatiuk from Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL)
November 15,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Jake Schultz to Neepawa Natives (MJHL)
November 21,2014-Blind River Beavers acquire Sine Chadi from Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
November 28,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Alex Hulford to Cambridge Winter Hawks Jr. B (GOJHL)
December 10,2014-Blind River Beavers transfer Nick Kazmeircak to Picton Pirates Jr. C.(EBJCL)
January 07,2015-Blind River Beavers acquire Robbin Yew from Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
January 07,2015-Blind River Beavers acquire Dante Juris from Powassan Voodoos.
January 07,2015-Blind River Beavers acquire Jack Zanville from Powassan Voodoos.
January 10,2015-Blind River Beavers transfer Daniel Potter to Wellington Dukes (OJHL)



June 23,2014 Cochrane Crunch transfer Torrin Grange to Nipawin Hawks.(SJHL)
July 08,2014 Cochrane acquire Cody Gratton from Cambridge Winterhawks (GOJHL Jr.B)
August 06,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Ryan Gruszka from Lambton Shores Predators (GOJHL Jr. B)
August 06,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Troy Paquette from Amherstview Jets Jr.C
August 06,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Marco Luciani from Huntsville Otters Jr.C
August 06,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Connor Lovie from Mt. Brydges Bulldogs Jr.C.
August 11,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Brandon Plourde from the Cambridge Winterhawks Jr. B (GOJHL)
September 01,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Dylan Sakatch to Calgary Canucks (AJHL)
September 04,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Christian Lea to Niagara Falls Jr B (GOJHL)
September 30,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Braydon Stortz from Carlton Place Canadians (CCHL)
October 16,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Ryan Gruszka to Fort McMurray Oil Barons (AJHL)
October 16,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Michael Sauer from Fort McMurray Oil Barons(AJHL)
October 21,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Matt Young to Powassan Voodoos.
October 21,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer James Vuillemot to Powassan Voodoos.
October 21,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Ben Auger from Powassan Voodoos.
October 28,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Jake Ellingson from Weyburn Red Wings (SJHL)
November 10,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Ned Simpson to Sudbury Nickel Barons.
November 10,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Joshua Moore from Sudbury Nickel Barons.
November 13,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Aaron Carmichael to Elliot Lake Wildcats.
November 13,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Brandon Janveau from Elliot Lake Wildcats.
November 15,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Henry Berger from Neepawa Natives (MJHL)
November 19,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Jacob Erwin to  Powassan Voodoos.
November 19,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Stavros Soilis from Powassan Voodoos
November 20,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Jake Ellingson to Minnesota Iron Rangers (SIJHL)
November 26,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Reed Gregory to Mattawa Blackhawks.
November 26,2014-Cochrane Crunch acquire Alex Dajia from Mattawa Blackhawks.
December 01,2014-Cochrane Crunch transfer Liam Hurley to Dundas Blues Jr.C.
January 09,2015-Cochrane Crunch transfer Blake Peavey to Dryden Ice Dogs (SIJHL)
January 09,2015-Cochrane Crunch acquire Anthony Filoso from Dryden Ice Dogs. (SIJHL)
January 09,2015-Cochrane Crunch transfer Jackson Atkinson to Summerside Western Capitals (MHL)





August 13,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Jason Wilson from Metcalfe Jets Jr. B (EOJHL)
August 14,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire David Chiarelli from Nepean Raiders (CCHL)
August 26,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Alec MacKenzie from Clarence Beavers Jr.B (EOJHL)
August 28,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Tanner Bowditch from Port Hope Jr.C.
August 30.2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Liam Blais from Uxbridge Bruins Jr. C.
September 25,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Adam Baxter from Ottawa Jr. Senators (CCHL)
September 25,2014-Elliot lake Wildcats transfer Nick Mardirossian to Blind River Beavers.
September 25,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats transfer Alex Cyrene to Blind River Beavers.
September 28,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Brandon Janveau from Fort Francis Lakers (SIJHL)
October 31,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Nicholas Legault from Smiths Falls Bears (CCHL)
November 2,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Kevin Miller from Neepawa Natives (MJHL)
November 5,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Trayvon Henry from Brantford 99 (GOJHL) Jr B
November 13,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats transfer Brandon Janveau to Cochrane Crunch.
November 13,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Aaron Carmichael from Cochrane Crunch.
November 21,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats transfer Liam Knoll to Uxbridge Bruins Jr. C.
November 21,2104-Elliot lake Wildcats acquire Matt Pollard from Uxbridge Bruins Jr. C
December 01,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats transfer Jeff Wilson to Lindsay Muskies (OJHL)
December 01,2014-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Kyle Salmon from Notre Dame Hounds (SJHL)
January 9,2015-Elliot Lake Wildcats transfer Mick Tourangeau to Valleyfield Braves (LHJQ)
January 10,2015-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Connor Scott from Humbolt Broncos (SJHL)
January 10,2015-Elliot Lake Wildcats acquire Kyle Baril from English River Miners (SIJHL)



June 06,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Tyler Romain from the Napanee Raiders Jr C
June 18,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Cosimo Amore from Dundas Blues Jr C
July 08, 2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Brandon Barrett to County Aces (MHL)
July 18,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Wesley Baker from Strathroy Rockets Jr.B
July 28,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Chris Pearson from Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL)
July 28,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Wesley Baker to Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL)
August 2,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Tanner Lafrance to London Nationals (GOJHL) Jr.B.
September 12,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Damon MacEachern to Bridgewater Lumberjacks(MHL)
October 10,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Kenny Fitzgerald to Peace River Navigators (NWJHL)
October 16,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Ryan Aubertin from Humboldt Broncos (SJHL)
October 25,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Vincent Currao from Neepawa Natives (MJHL)
October 25,2014-Kirkland Lake Goldminers acquire Jackson Robinson from Steinbach Pistons (MJHL)
November 6,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Nick Eytcheson to Dryden Ice Dogs (SIJHL)
November 18,2014-Kirkand Lake Gold Miners transfer Cosimo Amore to Abitibi Eskimos.
November 18,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Nick Hautanen to Abitibi Eskimos.
November 18,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Jamey Lauzon from Abitibi Eskimos.
December 12,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Vincent Currao to Richmond Generals (USPHL)
December 16,2014-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners acquire Bryan Lubin from Castlegar Rebels Jr B (KIJHL)
January 05,2015-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Christian Bortoluzzi to Newmarket Hurricanes (OJHL)
January 09,2015-Kirkland Lake Gold Miners transfer Tyler Romain to Cambrdge Winter Hawks Jr B (GOJHL)







June 02, 2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Mack Little to the Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
June 05, 2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Chance Thomas to the Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
June 18, 2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Colton Sansom to Stouffville Spirit (OJHL)
June 24,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Eric Champagne to English River Miners (SIJHL)
July 08,2014-Mattawa Blachawks transfer Shawn Tessier to Pembroke Lumber Kings (CCHL)
July 23, 2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Howard Yawit to Melfort Mustangs (SJHL)
July 23, 2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Jacob Bonin from Melfort Mustangs (SJHL)
August 06,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Anthony Postiglone to Thorold Blackhawks (GOJHL Jr.B)
August 06,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Kyle Patterson to Thorold Blackhawks (GOJHL Jr.B)
August 11,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Jacob Bonin to Sudbury Nickel Barons.
August 19,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Sean Keating from Pembroke Lumber Kings(CCHL)
August 21,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Matt Whidden from Picton Pirates Jr. C.
August 21,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Zach Nadeau from Blind River Beavers.
August 28,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Eric Verville from the Alexandria Glens Jr B (EOJHL)
September 02,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Joshua Cameron from Derseronto Storm Jr.C
September 06,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Troy Taylor from the Pembroke Lumber Kings (CCHL)
September 08,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Mark Spong from the Fort Francis Lakers (SIJHL)
September 08,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Brent Aiken to the Fort Francis Lakers (SIJHL)
September 10,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Hunter May from Powassan Voodoos.
September 10,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Kyle Rowe from Chatham Maroons Jr B (GOJHL)
September 15, 2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Nathan Avery from Metcalfe Jets Jr. B (EOJHL)
September 22,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Troy Taylor to London Nationals Jr B (GOJHL)
September 25.2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Cole Gilligan from Blind River Beavers.
September 25,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Alex Hulford to Blind River Beavers.
September 26,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Kyle Huhn to Blind River Beavers.
September 27,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Matthew Whidden to High River Flyers Jr B.
October 04,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Mark Spong to English River Miners (SIJHL)
November 13,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Christian Scgroi to Brampton Bombers Jr B (GOJHL)
November 14,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks Acquire Josh Winter from Dryden GM Ice Dogs (SIJHL)
November 14,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Rhyse Mandamin from Dryden GM Ice Dogs (SIJHL)
November 14,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Chris Baumen from Dryden GM Ice Dogs (SIJHL)
November 21,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Kyle Baril to English River Miners (SIJHL)
November 21,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Hayden Hickey from English River Miners (SIJHL)
November 26,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Alex Dajia to Cochrane Crunch
November 26,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire Reed Gregory from Cochrane Crunch.
December 28,2014-Mattawa Blackhawks acquire David Osborne from Nanaimo Buccaneers Jr B (VIJHL)
January 08,2015-Mattawa Blackhawks transfer Josh Cameron to Port Hope Panthers Jr.C (EBJCL)




August 08,2014-Powassan Voodoos acquire Brandon Major from the Blind River Beavers.
September 10.2014-Powassan Voodoos transfer Hunter May to the Mattawa Blackhawks.
October 21,2014-Powassan Voodoos transfer Ben Auger to Cochrane Crunch
October 21,2014-Powassan Voodoos acquire Matt Young from Cochrane Crunch.
October 21,2014-Powassan Voodoos acquire James Vuillemot from Cochrane Crunch.
November 19,2014-Powassan Voodoos transfer Stavros Soilis to Cochrane Crunch.
November 19,2014-Powassan Voodoos acquire Jacob Erwin from Cochrane Crunch.
January 07,2015-Powassan Voodoos transfer Dante Juris to Blind River Beavers.
January 07,2015-Powassan Voodoos transfer Jack Zanville to Blind River Beavers.
January 08,2015-Powassan Voodoos acquire David Sherman from North Bay Battalion (OHL)
January 10,2015-Powassan Voodoos acquire Jake Staples from English River Miners (SIJHL)



June 03,2014-Soo Thunderbirds transfer Joel Horodziejczyk to the Pembroke Lumber Kings(CCHL)
June 03,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Ryan Erickson from Pembroke Lumber Kings (CCHL)
June 03,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Jake Staples from Pembroke Lumber Kings(CCHL)
July 16,2014-Soo Thunderbirds transfer Joey Miller to Portage Terriers (MJHL)
July 26,2014-Soo Thunderbirds transfer Ryan Erickson to Hamilton Red Wings(OJHL)
August 06,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Matt Pinder from Cambridge Winterhawks (GOJHL Jr.B)
August 07,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Ryan Vendramin from Sarnia Legionnaires (GOJHL Jr.B)
August 22,2014-Soo Thunderbirds transfer Tyler Brown to Yarmouth Mariners (MHL)
September 11,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Conner Dea from Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
September 22,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Joseph Ogden from Estevan Bruins (SJHL)
September 25,2014-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Joey Miller from Portage Terriers (MJHL)
September 26,2014-Soo Thunderbirds transfer Jake Staples to English River Miners (SIJHL)
January 10,2015-Soo Thunderbirds acquire Devin Schell from Cambridge Winter Hawks Jr B (GOJHL)



June 04,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Jessie Morin from Blind River Beavers
June 11,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Andrew Lefevbre to Elmira Sugar Kings Jr B.
July 03,2014- Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Giovanni Foshia to Hamilton Red Wings(OJHL)
July,10,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Carlo Greco from Thorold Blackhawks Jr B (GOJHL)
July 21,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Davis Gadjovich from Hamilton Red Wings(OJHL)
July 21,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Carlo Greco to Hamilton Red Wings(OJHL)
August 11,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Jacob Bonin from Mattawa Blackhawks.
August 14,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Brody Brunet to Smiths Falls Bears (CCHL)
August 23,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Christopher Rossi from Winchester Hawks Jr B (EOJHL)
August 24,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Perter Poulin-Roy from Flin Flon Bombers.(SJHL)
September 08,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Austin Veleke to Cobourg Cougars (OJHL)
October 07,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Matt Neault from Blind River Beavers.
November 7,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Eliot Herz from Fort Frances Lakers (SIJHL)
November 10,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Joshua Moore to Cochrane Crunch.
November 10,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Ned Simpson from Cochrane Crunch.
November 1,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Cray Roberge to Yarmouth Mariners (MHL)
December 03.2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Jackson Gunner from Orillia Jr.C.
December 03,2014-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Khadyn Butterfly to Hamilton Red Wings (OJHL)
January 07,2015-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Sheehan Kirkwood from Guelph Hurricanes Jr B. (GOJHL)
January 10,2015-Sudbury Nickel Barons transfer Lucas Toth to English River Miners (SIJHL)
January 10,2015-Sudbury Nickel Barons acquire Eric Champagne from English River Miners (SIJHL)