Trappers team up with Community Living in support of area elementary schools Nutrition Program ……

The Community Living Student Nutrition Program and the North Bay Trappers Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club have
renewed their partnership again this school year to promote the importance of nutrition to area elementary students.
Junior ‘A’ Trapper players, along with head coach Tom McCarthy will be visiting local elementary schools over the
next few months to reinforce the importance of eating breakfast, healthy eating and drinking milk.
“The most important part is that we are involved within the community with those who need a little support and
guidance. Naturally, nutrition is a huge part of life,” McCarthy stated in the media release. “Nutrition is a big, big part
of an athlete’s day in preparation for being the best they can be, both on and off the ice and I think it is one very
healthy way that we can contribute as a team to our community friends to help show the importance of nutrition
and healthy eating to the many young students throughout the area elementary schools.”
The Community Living Student Nutrition Program supports 87 school breakfast programs across Nipissing, Parry
Sound and Muskoka. In Nipissing, there are 43 schools involved in breakfast or snack programs.
“These school visits are a wonderful treat for students, who are always enthusiastic and asking lots of questions,”
said Student Nutrition program coordinator Shelly Price. “They usually want autographs as well. It’s a great way for
the Trappers to give back to the community”.
“Social responsibility is becoming more and more visible in our society and this program sets a great example for our
children and youth. Many thanks to Coach McCarthy and the entire Trappers organization for their role in this
important partnership that reaches out annually to the many local elementary schools.”
The Student Nutrition Program is proudly supported by Community Living North Bay.