Espanola closing in on team name with 4 remaining

Media update

Release date: Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

Espanola closing in on team name

ESPANOLA – After going through the list of team names submitted by our many fans, the team had come up with a list of the top ten names posted on our team Website.

Those ten names were then posted in a poll on our Team Facebook Page (, allowing our fans to vote yet again for their favourite team name.

The bottom three names were eliminated on Saturday, August 3rd, leaving the top seven names.

The vote count was reset to zero and again we invited our fans to select their top choice.

In no particular order, the top seven names were: Golden Eagles, Mountaineers, Spirit Bears, Spirit Eagles, Eagles, Rivermen and Muskies.

From the top seven, with the bottom three were eliminated, the voting has once again begun.

The final round of voting has been posted and we look forward our area junior hockey fans final selection that we know will best represent our new community based junior hockey team now operating here in Espanola.

Final round voting runs until 6 p.m. Sunday, August 10th with the final team name selection being announced Monday night following the team Board of Directors meeting.

Your top four names to be voted on are as follows:


Spirit Eagles