Espanola announces steering committee members

Media update

Release date: Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013

Espanola announces steering committee members

ESPANOLA – The Espanola Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club is pleased to announce its first-ever volunteer board of directors to oversee the team’s community steering committee.

The Board will act as the club’s community liaison and guide, and is made up of like-minded community members who are dedicated to strengthening the community spirit of Espanola and the Lacloche-Manitoulin Region by creating an enhanced junior hockey experience for the surrounding area communities to cheer for and become a part of. The board for the team’s 2013-2014 Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League season includes newly appointed Board Chairman Bill Clarke, Dennis Shepitka, Dave Polden, Kelvin Chevrette, Trista Rajotte, Terry Fallat, Rick Foster, Paul Zahorec, Denise Gelineau and Espanola Minor Hockey President Ross Nichols. These residents are well-known and respected throughout the region, and will help guide the Espanola Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club through its inaugural season.

Bill Clarke, who is the first-ever chair of the board, said he and his fellow directors are excited about helping to bring junior hockey back to Espanola. “I have said this to many people, having junior hockey back playing in Espanola is not only a great thing for this town, it’s great for the entire area. It’s not just about junior hockey. It’s the social and economic benefit that this team will have on the area communities. We will see more kids playing at the outdoor rinks, playing street hockey and we will see an increase in area hockey registrations leading to more active youth,” Clarke stated.

Some of the responsibilities for the board of directors will be creating /updating mission and vision statements; approving a long-term sustainable strategic plan; serving as a public figure for the organization while assisting with fundraising initiatives; and securing and or adding club volunteers among many other duties. The board will not be involved with the day-to-day management of the team.

Team Governor/Director of Operations Tim Clayden commented “Beyond the town staff who have been fantastic to work with, Bill was a very strong supporter for this area team right from the start to play in Espanola. His efforts have been instrumental in getting this team here to the Lacloche-Manitoulin Region,” said Clayden. “With Mr. Clarke’s praise for the entire area and his passion for the game, we knew Bill was a great fit for our organization as we begin operations in the Town of Espanola for the entire area to engage with and enjoy. The good folks that we have added to our Community Steering Committee are tremendous individuals that make our hockey club simply better from the get go,” added Clayden. “The off ice team assembled here in Espanola just may be the strongest that I have been associated with in my 25 plus years in the game, we are poised off the ice to generate some real junior hockey excitement that will lead to our future team success, both off and on the ice.”

“I am very excited to be involved with this junior hockey program,” Clarke added. “Our board is full of talented community leaders with the same like-minded goal & vision to build a foundation of junior hockey for the area communities to enjoy, one that will be here for years to come. On the ice, this team will take it one day at a time but off the ice, our board is planning for the long-term success of this franchise. To be part of a community run board of directors that is unique to junior hockey is one of the main reasons I am confident in this club’s long-term prosperity.”