2012-2013 Dudley-Hewitt Cup Website Launches as the Race Begins

Toronto, Ont. – January 24, 2013 – ViseSports.com, a leading
online sports and social media site, along with the North Bay
Trappers, the host of the 2012-13 Dudley-Hewitt Cup and an
NOJHL Member team, are pleased to announce the launch of
the 2012-2013 Dudley-Hewitt Cup Championship website at
The Dudley-Hewitt Cup is a four-team tournament that serves
as Hockey Canada’s Central Canadian Junior ‘A’
Championship (being played from April 30-May 4 in North Bay,
Ontario) with the winner going on to play in the RBC Cup
National Junior ‘A’ Championship . The champion from each of
the OJHL, the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League
(NOJHL) and the Superior International Junior Hockey League
(SIJHL) take part in a round-robin tournament, along with the
host team, the North Bay Trappers.
“The Trappers and the North Bay junior hockey fans are very pleased to be in a position to Host this
season’s Central Canadian Championships in the storied North Bay Memorial Gardens
this April 30th to May 4th,“ stated Trappers Club Chairman Tim Clayden. “What makes
this season extremely exciting for us in North Bay and for all NOJHL teams is that no
team at this point in the season is a clear cut favourite to attend the Dudley Hewitt Cup
this spring. It is a credit to all NOJHL franchises that the league is so very exciting and
competitive for all teams and fans this season, making this springs Central Canadian
Championship even more exciting. ViseSports.com has once again, put this event up
and above and on the leading edge when it comes to technology and social media. We
know all fans will enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to be more involved in the Dudley Hewitt Cup from
the get go.”
Peter Chirico North Bay’s managing director of community services, said the agreement for the Dudley
Hewitt Cup to use Memorial Gardens will be “good for hockey, good for the community. The Trappers are
a part of the community, and we are certainly pleased to be moving forward. We are happy to have the
Trappers here, and we’re pleased to be able to help them” as reported in today’s North Bay Nugget.
“We could not be more proud to have one of our most storied NOJHL franchises, the North Bay Trappers,
hosting the 2013 Dudley Hewitt Cup,” commented NOJHL Commissioner, Robert Mazzuca. “I am
extremely confident the host committee, the Trapper ownership group, their fans, the City of North Bay
and the volunteers will work cohesively towards ensuring the championship is not only successful in North
Bay, and the legacy left will provide a blueprint for the others to follow.”
“I am also very proud of all NOJHL franchises this year and the
competitiveness of the league this season, from here on in it will be
very exciting for all our fans leading up to crowning the NOJHL
Regular Season Champion, League Champions and the Central
Canadian Championships. It is encouraging to see the good work of
so many pay off for each team and all NOJHL fans. We wish our
Host Team North Bay Trappers and ViseSports the very best in this
exciting venture” proudly stated NOJHL Commissioner
The website will contain a culmination of social media conversations and content focused on this years
Dudley-Hewitt Cup as well as each league leading up to the Championships. This platform will aggregate
the excitement and passion from the rink to the web, into one location – all leading up to and during the
Dudley-Hewitt Cup each season. Fans, participants and non-participants in the Dudley-Hewitt will enjoy a
unique way of tracking the event and sharing in their experiences, in real time. Fans and families can
participate and see everything unfold from anywhere in the world.
“We are excited about being a part of this seasons Dudley-Hewitt Cup. It’s an important focus and event
for many players, fans, coaches and scouts. We’ve used leading-edge technology to build a social media
experience and website around the Dudley-Hewitt Cup,” said Jason Butterfield, Co-founder of
ViseSports.com, “With the launch of the website fans can begin to follow the league or team(s) as the
anticipation on the race to the Championship grows. We look forward to enhancing the Dudley Hewitt Cup
experience for North Bay and all junior hockey fans.”
Join the host club, the North Bay Trappers and ViseSports.com on the new Dudley-Hewitt Cup site (http://
www.dudleyhewittcup.com) and start getting excited about the 2012-2013 Dudley-Hewitt Cup
Championship. We’ll see you there.
The North Bay Trappers are a CJHL Junior “A” ice hockey team from North Bay, Ontario, Canada. They
are a partner in the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League (NOJHL) and proud Member of the Northern
Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA).
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