Espanola adds billet coordinator

Media update

Release date: Friday, July 26, 2013

Espanola adds billet coordinator

ESPANOLA – The Espanola Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club is very pleased to announce the addition of a very important off-ice component to our ever growing organization by adding local resident and long time community volunteer Trista Rajotte as our Team Billet Coordinator.

Head Coach Tom McCarthy was very excited with the newest team appointment.

“It takes so many good people to build a winning program, both on & off the ice,”McCarthy stated. “Our billet families are such a very, very important aspect of our junior hockey formula. We are a family and it is very important that not just our players but our billets and their kids also feel apart of our Espanola junior hockey family as that is how it works at it’s best. Espanola is our junior hockey family now & I have know doubt Trista will be outstanding in her new role with our hockey club as we have lot’s of room for good people.”

Team Governor and Director of Operations Tim Clayden was thrilled with the most recent Club appointment; “we are so very lucky to have so many local folks from Espanola and the entire North Shore & Manitoulin Island that have expressed their wish to become involved with our hockey program, it is both refreshing & reassuring to see so many good people wish to chip in to help make the organization successful from the get-go” said Clayden. “We are fortunate to have such a quality,  happy go-lucky person such as Trista step up to take on the role as our Billet Coordinator, we have no  doubt Trista will put our players and their parents and our billet families at ease in every situation. We are a better team today than we were yesterday with Trista now involved & we look forward to matching up each of our student-athletes with our Espanola billet families as the 2013 – 2014 season draws near” added Clayden “This is an exciting time for Espanola and the entire area”

Club seeking billet family homes: The NEW Espanola Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club is now securing a few more billet homes for the upcoming season. We are looking for people to take one or two of our student-athletes into their homes from mid-August through to the end of April. These character kids come from throughout North America and we know will add to the strengths of this community and the surrounding area. They won’t just be playing hockey here, they will be part of our community. They will be volunteering in a number of areas including school breakfast clubs, minor hockey clinics & practices, helping out senior groups as well as assisting various service clubs throughout the entire area. Each of our players are quality student-athletes & upstanding community citizens. We are looking for families to take in our players for these seasonal months as they each become a part of your family, in their new home away from home as we begin to build the newest Espanola Junior Hockey community family.

For more information on financial compensation and expectations  please contact: Billet Co-ordinator: Trista Rajotte at (705) 561-5274 or by email at or visit our team website under the heading Personnel/Billeting for additional information.